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Data Point Collection List

Pursuant to KOIN’s Privacy Policy, and in observance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), below is the list of data points that KOIN captures and/or keeps, along with the purpose/use by KOIN of each data point and the timing of KOIN’s data capture and/or usage of each data point.

While not involving any additional data point capture, we anticipate enabling users of KOIN website dashboard(s)/back office to see the following status-related information:

  • Share KOIN Program (subscribed/unsubscribed/bounced/spam/etc. status of emails);

  • Marketing Emails (subscribed/unsubscribed/bounced/spam/etc. status of emails);

  • Emails of Invited Friends derived from “My Invites” page of back office (subscribed/unsubscribed/bounced/spam/etc. status of emails);

Updated September 2023

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