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The mission of KOIN is to fundamentally change the reality surrounding the digital currency ecosystem.  

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KOIN Ecosystem


At KOIN, we believe in the following: Individuals everywhere should have the opportunity to benefit from the digital currency economy – not just the technically savvy. Without mass adoption by everyday people, the new digital currency economy will remain a turbulent and speculative domain.

KOIN is implementing an aggressive strategy to usher in a new approach to digital currency - mass adoption by individuals, businesses and communities.

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The Best Part of KOIN

Joining KOIN is free! You’ll get *25 KOIN tokens the moment you join without any obligation to buy anything, ever! Everyone who joins will get KOIN for free. 

It gets even better

10% of all KOIN tokens are for charity! By donating KOIN to charities, as the value of KOIN grows, we will be able to directly help those with the greatest need.

Ready to earn
more KOIN?

Tell your friends & family! For everyone who joins, they'll get free KOIN and you'll get free KOIN - and when they get THEIR friends to join, you'll get even MORE KOIN! 


"The success of any project rests firmly on the individuals tasked with creating it"

Experience | Dedication | Honesty
The success of any project rests firmly on the individuals tasked with creating it. The leadership team behind KOIN is supported and strengthened by the participation of talented individuals with specialized skills in development, finance, marketing and business execution.

KOIN also involves people with top-notch IT, design and implementation expertise. Overall, KOIN has an established team of professionals deep in experience, creativity and dedication. More importantly, they each enjoy the full confidence and trust of KOIN's founder through long standing personal and professional relationships with Peter, some dating back more than 20 years.

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