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Rules for Koinectors Program

Updated September 2023

Rules for Koinectors Program

Important: The following are the rules and other provisions (collectively, "Rules") of the Koinectors Program, which includes but is not limited to the accrual and redemption of Koin, rewards and benefits (collectively, the "Program"). By enrolling or participating in the Program, you indicate your acceptance of these Rules and agree to abide by them. It is your responsibility to read and understand all of the Rules. For more information, contact Koin by visiting the Koin website at - These Rules cannot be superseded or changed, except in writing from Koin or any of its affiliates (collectively, "Koin"). The most current Rules may be found on and this is the final authority on the Rules. The Rules on shall be deemed to supersede any prior or conflicting versions thereof.

General conditions

  1. The Program is offered at the discretion of Koin and Koin has the right to terminate the Program, in whole or in part, or to change the Rules, benefits, conditions of participation, qualification criteria or reward levels, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of benefits or rewards already accumulated.

    • ​​1a. Koin may, among other things, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any reward; increase the requirement for any reward; modify benefits associated with Koinect status; modify Koinect qualification criteria; modify or regulate the transferability of rewards or benefits. Koin reserves the right to make bonus and promotional offers by Koin selectively available to certain Members at any time, based on their on-line activity, geographic locations, Koin accumulation, Program participation, or other factors determined at Koin's sole discretion. Redemption activity (and processing of any redemption requests for any rewards, certificates or benefits) may be prohibited in any Koin account or suspended for a period of time after the opening of the Koin account.

  2. The Rules control your membership and participation in the Program and no covenants at law or in equity shall be implied or incorporated, all of which are expressly disclaimed. Koin has the sole right to interpret and apply the Rules. IF KOIN OR A PARTNER IMPROPERLY DENIES AN ACCRUAL OR BENEFIT, LIABILITY WILL NOT EXCEED THE EQUIVALENT VALUE, AS DETERMINED BY KOIN, OR THE PARTNER AS THE CASE MAY BE, OF THAT ACCRUAL OR BENEFIT. IN NO EVENT SHALL KOIN BE LIABLE TO A MEMBER, OR ANYONE ACTING ON THE MEMBER’S BEHALF, FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING LOST REVENUE OR PROFITS, ARISING OUT OF THE ACTS OR OMISSIONS OF KOIN IN CONNECTION WITH THE PROGRAM, OR COSTS OR ATTORNEYS’ FEES. Any abuse of the Program or failure to follow the Rules, Koin’s Terms of Service or any abuse of any Partner offers or programs, any violation of law, rule, or regulation, any conduct detrimental to the interests of Koin, any fraudulent activity or attempted fraudulent activity, any dissemination of information designed to defraud Koin, or any misrepresentation of any information furnished to Koin or its affiliates by any Member, anyone else acting on the Member's behalf, or any third party (collectively, “Prohibited Conduct”), may result in Koin exercising any one or more of the following remedies (“Koin’s Remedies”), with or without notice to the Member: (a) the termination by Koin of such Member’s membership, (b) the removal or cancellation by Koin of any or all accrued rewards, and any pending or outstanding reward redemptions, certificates, or benefits status, if applicable), or (c) the loss of other Program benefits. In addition to the foregoing Koin’s Remedies, Koin may, upon written request, require the Member to repay the value, as determined by Koin, of the rewards redeemed, certificates or benefits acquired as a result of Prohibited Conduct and, in the event of a Member’s failure to repay, may initiate legal action to recoup the value of rewards redeemed, certificates or benefits acquired by the Member through Prohibited Conduct. Members whose accounts have been terminated shall not be eligible to participate in any aspect of the Program and shall not be eligible to enroll with new accounts unless express consent is received from Koin.

  3. In the event Koin suspects Prohibited Conduct, Koin reserves the right, with or without notice to the Member, (a) to delay or suspend all activity in any Koin account, and (b) to audit or investigate any Koin account at any time. During the course of an audit or investigation, a Member’s account information may be shared with any third party with whom Koin has contracted to assist in performing such audit or investigation. While the account is suspended, the Member may continue to accrue rewards in the account, but no reward redemptions or other transactions will be permitted and any outstanding reward redemptions, certificates and benefits will be subject to cancellation or suspension. Cancelled reward redemptions, certificates and benefits must be surrendered to Koin upon Koin’s request. Upon completion of the audit or investigation, if Prohibited Conduct has been detected by Koin, Koin may exercise any one or more of Koin’s Remedies or any other remedies available at law or in equity.

  4. Each Member is responsible for being and remaining knowledgeable as to the Rules and the amount of rewards in such Member’s account. A Member shall notify Koin promptly of any error in the Member's account such as an erroneous balance. In the event a Member’s balance is erroneously credited for any reason, the Member’s use of such erroneously credited benefit shall constitute a violation of these Program Rules. Koin may, but shall have no obligation to, send newsletters, statements, correspondence or other materials, including notifications of Program changes or special promotions. Each Member shall be responsible for advising Koin of any change of contact information and Koin shall have no liability for misdirected correspondence or any consequences thereof.

  5. The accumulation of rewards are subject to these Rules. The accumulation of rewards do not entitle Members to any vested rights with respect to the Program, including without limitation, any rewards or benefits. No rewards earned or granted under the Program may be transferred or assigned except as expressly permitted by Koin in writing or under programs fully authorized and/or sponsored by Koin.

  6. The Program is maintained for the benefit of Koin and individual Members. Only individuals are eligible for Koinect membership, and each individual may maintain only one account in the Program. If a Member maintains multiple accounts and Koin suspects or finds Prohibited Conduct, Koin reserves the right to exercise Koin’s Remedies with respect to each account. Only the Member named on the account will be entitled access to account information. Account information is Koin's proprietary information and, except as otherwise authorized by Koin, Members may access information only for the purpose of obtaining information about their account. Each Member is responsible for ensuring account credentials are not shared, distributed, or given to any other individual and no Member may delegate or grant access (via power of attorney, contract, or otherwise) to a third party. Any Member who shares account information with any third party will be held responsible for such third-party’s actions with respect to the Account. Account information may be reproduced for use by the applicable Member but must contain copyright and proprietary notices and redistribution in any way requires Koin's written permission.

  7. All calculations made in connection with the Program, including without limitation, the value of any benefits, the accumulation of benefits, the satisfaction of the qualification requirements, and/or the revisions of calculations (including without limitation any estimates), will be made by Koin in its discretion and such calculations will be considered final.

  8. Neither Koin’s waiver or consent to a deviation from the Rules nor any course of dealing shall be construed as a waiver by Koin of any subsequent violation of the Rules and Koin may invoke Koin’s Remedies for a violation of the Rules despite any such prior waiver or consent. 

    Prohibition of sale or barter

  9. The sale, barter or other transfer or attempted sale, barter or other transfer of any rewards, other than as authorized and/or sponsored by Koin, is expressly prohibited. Any rewards or status sold, bartered or otherwise transferred is in violation of the Rules and any accounts or Members involved in such sales, barters or other transfers may be subject to Koin’s Remedies. The acquisition, use, transfer or attempted acquisition, use or transfer of rewards or status that have been acquired by purchase, barter or other transfer in violation of the Rules may result in Koin’s exercise of Koin’s Remedies.



  10. "Partners" means entities other than Koin who offer products, services, or other benefits to Members of the Program or who may permit the accrual or redemption of rewards by Members. Koin and its subsidiaries, affiliates and agents are not responsible for any products, services or other benefits provided by participating companies and Partners. The Partners are independent entities, and Koin is not responsible for the nature or quality of any products or services provided by Partners, nor for any solicitation efforts or other acts or omissions by Partners. Rewards and redemption offers and other offers made to Members by a Partner for utilizing a Partner’s product or service can vary based upon the type of membership and other factors. Details on specific Partner offers are as published from time to time and Partner offers will be governed by the terms and conditions set forth by the applicable Partner.

  11. Koin shall have no liability for Partner withdrawals from the Program, reward or offer changes, discontinued Koin or Partner products, services or other benefits, cancellations caused by Partner withdrawals, or any other act or failure to act by a Partner. Koin may change the criteria for Partner offers  or impose other restrictions upon the use of Partner offers or rewards, with or without notice.

    Privacy Policy
  12. By participating in the Program, Members authorize Koin to collect, maintain, use, process and share their information, including, without limitation, names, email addresses, physical addresses, account and other information in accordance with Koin’s Privacy Policy. You can learn more about how Koin collects, maintains, uses, processes and shares your information in Koin’s Privacy Policy which may be viewed at - Koin's Privacy Policy is merely a statement of administrative protocol; it is not a contract, nor does it create any contractual or legal rights. Koin’s Privacy Policy is not made, or intended to be made, a part of these Rules.

    Reward accrual


  13. Rewards will be accrued in a Member’s account only when the Member avails themselves of a means of accrual recognized under the Program. Members may only accrue rewards as a result of their own utilization of services.

  14. Except as otherwise expressly permitted by Koin, rewards can be accrued only after the Member's official enrollment date and can be applied only to the Member's account.

    Claims about Member balances

  15. Koin will, in most cases, credit its Members' accounts with accrued. However, each Member shall have the responsibility to ensure that such Member’s rewards are properly credited. Koin shall determine qualification for rewards and reserves the right to adjust a Member’s account balance if rewards were deposited in error. Where a Member contends rewards have been earned but not credited, or in cases where Koin deems verification is required, Koin reserves the right to require proof from the Member. Any claims for rewards by the Member and proof of such claims must be received by Koin within twelve (12) months after the date such reward was claimed to be earned. Certain Partners may have valid retro-credit claim periods that differ. Please check or the Partner offer for details.

    1. ​​15a.  Each Member shall have the responsibility to notify Koin of any erroneous or fraudulent reward deduction from such Member’s account within twelve (12) months of the date of the deduction. Koin will review such Member’s claim and reserves the right to require proof, documentation or certification from such Member during the review. A redeposit back into to such Member’s account of the reward claimed to be erroneously deducted will be determined by Koin in its sole discretion after review and Koin’s decision will be considered final.​​

      Reward expiration

  16. Rewards accrued in a Member's account shall be maintained in the account until it is redeemed for an reward or until it is otherwise forfeited pursuant to (a) these Rules, (b) Prohibited Conduct, (c) applicable laws or regulations, (d) Member requested account closure, (e) the death of a Member or (f) the failure of a Member to respond to repeated communication attempts regarding the status of his/her account.

    Reward redemption

  17. Koin shall establish the amount, structure, availability, process and other criteria for reward redemption all of which are subject to modification, cancellation or limitation at Koin’s discretion, with or without notice. Koin may prohibit reward redemption for any Member at its discretion or when required by law or otherwise.

    Non-U.S. Laws


  18. The Program, including without limitation the accrual of rewards and the issuance and use of rewards and other benefits may be prohibited or restricted by the laws in some non-U.S. countries. Nothing in these Rules should be read to override or circumvent any such non-U.S. laws. Koin may exercise any one or more of Koin’s Remedies, with or without notice to the Member, in the event the Program, or a Member’s participation in any way in the Program, violates non-U.S. laws.


  19. You agree that you will notify Koin of any dispute by submitting your concerns via the form at including a description of the nature of the dispute. Following delivery of such submission, you agree to allow Koin a period of sixty (60) days to provide a substantive response and to try to resolve the dispute, as limited by paragraph 2 of these Rules, prior to filing any lawsuit, arbitration, administrative or any other proceeding against Koin related to the dispute. COMPLIANCE WITH THE NOTIFICATION PROCEDURES SET FORTH HEREIN SHALL BE A CONDITION PRECEDENT TO YOUR RIGHT TO FILE ANY LAWSUIT, ARBITRATION, ADMINISTRATIVE OR ANY OTHER PROCEEDING AGAINST KOIN. YOU AGREE THAT YOUR FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE NOTIFICATION PROCEDURES SET FORTH HEREIN PRIOR TO FILING A LAWSUIT, ARBITRATION, ADMINISTRATIVE OR OTHER PROCEEDING AGAINST KOIN SHALL ENTITLE KOIN TO RECOVER REASONABLE ATTORNEYS’ FEES INCURRED IN DEFENDING THE LAWSUIT, ARBITRATION, ADMINISTRATIVE OR ANY OTHER PROCEEDING.

    Class action waiver


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